CD player

CD playe

The CD is only featured in the G-Force video game.

This evil appliance has its blades that reflect gun ammo,and Electro-Whip.This appliance is not only annoying in all ways,but packs a heavy punch.Sometimes you can use the guns.The Cyber Hacker whould be a great wepon to use.


This pain in the butt is first found when heading to elevator after succeding getting the Elevator Pass.After opening the elevator,this little fella catches Darwin by surpize and turns the room into a arena.

In the final battle TWO CD PLAYERS will battle Darwin.

Fighting skillsEdit

Blades: Basic attck, this might make a mark.

Dubble blades: This attack will SURELY leave a mark that could stain Darwins health.

Reflect: This defence can easly block any attack


.If trying to run behind it, it will turn around.

.This appilance is a Boss Appliance,as known by dropping a 25 chip.

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